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Case Study Review: Strider Security's Comprehensive Approach to Homeless Issue Resolution

Client Background: Upon purchasing the property in December 2017, the client was confronted with a severe homeless issue. The property suffered from numerous challenges including trash accumulation, theft, assaults, vandalism, smoking violations, public drinking, illegal camping, and drug-related activities.

Challenges: The property’s severe homeless issue not only led to unsightly trash accumulation but also posed significant safety and security concerns for tenants, employees, and customers. Criminal activities and disorderly behavior further exacerbated the situation, creating an unsafe and unwelcoming environment.

Strider Security’s Solution:

  1. Comprehensive Cleanup Efforts: Strider Security initiated extensive cleanup efforts to address the constant trash accumulation caused by homeless individuals. They proactively prevented further trash buildup, improving the property’s cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.

  2. Crime Prevention Measures: Strider Security implemented robust security measures to combat theft, shoplifting, assaults, and vandalism. Their proactive patrols and interventions helped deter criminal activities and safeguard the property and its occupants.

  3. Disorderly Behavior Management: Strider Security effectively managed instances of disorderly behavior including smoking violations, public drinking, illegal camping, and drug-related activities. Their enforcement efforts ensured compliance with property regulations and maintained order.

  4. Collaboration with Law Enforcement: Strider Security collaborated closely with the Provo Police Department to address aggressive panhandling, threatening behaviors, illegal drugs, and public drinking. Their partnership with law enforcement agencies strengthened their ability to address complex security challenges.

Results Achieved:

  • Cleanup of Homeless Encampments: Strider Security successfully removed large items used for camping and prevented further encampments, significantly improving the property’s appearance.
  • Reduction in Criminal Activities: Strider Security’s proactive security measures led to a notable decrease in theft, assaults, and vandalism, enhancing overall safety.
  • Positive Tenant and Customer Feedback: Tenants and customers expressed appreciation for the property’s improved cleanliness and enhanced safety, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Conclusion: Strider Security’s comprehensive approach to resolving the homeless issue resulted in significant improvements to the property’s safety, cleanliness, and overall environment. By addressing both the immediate concerns and underlying factors contributing to the problem, Strider Security successfully transformed the property into a safer and more welcoming space for tenants, employees, and customers alike. Their proactive measures, collaborative approach, and dedication to client satisfaction were key factors in achieving positive outcomes and enhancing the property’s reputation.

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