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Elevate Your Security Accountability with Unmatched Firearms Proficiency Training from Strider Security

At Strider Security, we understand the critical importance of firearms proficiency in ensuring the safety and security of our clients and communities. That’s why we go above and beyond industry standards to provide our officers with unparalleled firearms training, ensuring they are prepared to handle any situation with precision, discipline, and expertise.

Why Choose Strider Security ?

When you choose Strider Security, you can trust that our officers’ firearms proficiency is second to none. Experience the difference that our commitment to surpassing industry standards in training can make and partner with us for all your security needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve peace of mind.

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Our firearms proficiency training programs are designed to cover a wide range of scenarios and situations, from routine patrols to high-stress security incidents. Our officers receive extensive hands-on training in marksmanship, weapon handling, and tactical decision-making to ensure they are prepared for every eventuality.

We believe that discipline and responsibility are paramount when it comes to firearms use. Our training instills in our officers a deep respect for firearms and a disciplined approach to their use. We emphasize the importance of de-escalation, conflict resolution, and non-lethal alternatives, ensuring that firearms are only used as a last resort and in strict accordance with legal and ethical guidelines.

Firearms proficiency is not a one-time achievement—it requires ongoing practice and skills development. That's why we provide our officers with regular opportunities for training and skills enhancement to maintain their proficiency at the highest level.

While we surpass industry standards in firearms proficiency training, we also adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry best practices. Our training programs are designed to meet or exceed all applicable standards, ensuring that our officers are well-prepared and fully compliant with legal requirements.

When the need arises, our officers' firearms proficiency is unmatched. Whether responding to an active threat, protecting a high-profile client, or securing a sensitive location, our officers are prepared to act decisively and effectively to neutralize the threat and ensure the safety of all involved.

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Don’t leave your security to chance. Partner with Strider Security and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets, employees, and neighborhoods are in safe hands.